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Symre Taugbøl Bang & Heidi Kvelvane

About us

Bankvelv is a norwegian jazz-folk duo consisting of Heidi Kvelvane on saxofon og accordion, and Symre Taugbøl Bang on guitar and hardangerfiddle. They met during jazzstudies in Bergen and started playing together due to a common interest in norwegian folk music. They fokus on the tradition from the western part of Norway. In order to really have the tradition as a strong starting point, they first learn all tunes on the fiddle and accordion before relearning and arranging the tunes to saxophone and guitar. The result of this is playful improvisations without leaving the traditional dance-groove. During their first years as a duo they have already played a lot of concerts. In February 2023 thei won "alternative category" on Vinterkappleiken in Rauland and in April the jazz competition "Jazz i sikte", a talentcompetition for young musicians from Vestlandet. They´ve also had concerts on both Festspillene and Nattjazz in Bergen.


"The Jury will highlight a playfulness and a life in the winner's music. The interaction was excellent and the audience was spellbound from start to finish." (Jazz i Siktet Jury, Verftet 13.04.23)


Heidi Kvelvane is a 24-year-old jazz saxophonist and accordionist based in Voss. As an impulsive and enterprising musician, she has distinguished herself on the Norwegian and improv scene in the recent years. This has also led to several international travel destinations. She is also known from vestnorsk jazz ensemble, Paal Nilssen-Loves Large Unit, and Bergen big band, and her own bands such as Heidi Kvelvane trio.


Symre Taugbøl Bang is 22 years old and comes from Morgedal in Vest-Telemark. With a focus on self-written songs with Norwegian lyrics she uses guitar, song and harding fiddle to create a mixed genre musical expression. After studying jazzguitar for two years at the griegacademy in Bergen, she is now finnishing her bachelor degree of music with individual concentration at the  Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo.

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